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Nutrition Program for You and Your New Baby!

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Healthy Groceries

For six months, you will get free, healthy groceries delivered to your door. You will love the shopping experience!

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Personal Nutrition Coach

Your coach will listen to you and help with what you need to have a healthy pre-natal and post-partum experience. Our coaches are just like us and are here to help.

  • Nutrition support so that you can pick healthy foods that you like to eat.
  • Help dealing with stress.
  • Guidance to create a plan to live healthy while pregnant, after you give birth, and much more!

Helpful information, recipes and more!

Each month you will receive helpful and fun emails with shopping tips, meal ideas, and recipes. And, we post the information on Instagram so please follow us there for access anytime!

Meet Coach Mercedes!

  • I’m a mom of 2 girls, 18 and 12 years old.
  • Favorite snack: dark chocolate bark with pomegranates, almonds, pumpkin seeds and
    candied ginger.
  • Fun fact: I love walking every day… I always discover something new.
  • I love working with people to find delicious ways to eat healthy, stay hydrated, and lower stress

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A Welcome Message from our CEO, Emily Brown

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