Empowering the Medicaid Population for Better Health

Helping Medicaid plans improve member health outcomes through access to quality food, personalized grocery selection and one-on-one nutrition coaching.

“We provide high-quality food, nutrition, and coaching for those who need it the most. We know Medicaid members because we’ve been there.”

What We Provide to Members

1:1 Health Coaching Through Nationwide Network

Personalized health support taking into account comorbidities and health conditions of household members. Coaches are trained in compassionate care and a “better not perfect” mindset.

Healthy Groceries

Direct-to-home delivery of curated and culturally appropriate, healthy grocery and other items to any U.S. zip code.

  • 1,500 Nutrient dense foods that can be sorted and searched by ingredient, health condition, price, brand, certification, and more.

Fresh Produce Boxes

Produce boxes include seasonal assortments of fresh vegetables and fruits, recipe cards, and food storage information.

Nutrition Education

Recipes and educational information available to patients for general and condition-specific health needs.

57% of Medicaid members experienced food insecurity

Journal of General Internal Medicine

“Attane Health has helped me so much. I have lost close to 10 pounds and my blood sugar is much more stable. I really appreciated the encouragement, support and information being tailored to [me] ones with allergies."

Populations of Focus

A few examples of focused populations we currently work with

Maternal Health
Food Allergies/ Gastrointestinal

Our White Papers

Beyond Medicine: Diabetes Care

Harnessing Food Access and Health Coaching

Beyond Medicine: Maternal Health Care

Harnessing Food Access and Health Coaching

Empowering Medicaid Populations

How Personalized Food Access and Health Coaching Transforms Care

About Attane Health

Attane Health is the first patient-driven, digital health platform providing personalized food selection within the member’s cultural norms and preferences, while allowing patients, providers, and payers to measure specific health outcomes.

We Support Medicaid Plans

Food insecurity among Medicaid beneficiaries leads to poor dietary habits and higher chronic disease risk. Addressing food disparities and providing healthier options through health plans reduces this risk and improves health outcomes.

Personalized nutrition and coaching improve adherence to dietary recommendations, enhancing chronic condition management (diabetes, hypertension, obesity), reducing hospitalizations, and lowering healthcare costs.

Active patient involvement in healthcare decisions is more likely when personalized nutrition and coaching foster a collaborative, patient-centered approach, enhancing engagement.

Enhanced nutrition and disease management reduce healthcare utilization and costs, offering significant savings for patients and healthcare systems by addressing chronic conditions.

Healthcare providers can address health disparities by actively reducing access inequities in healthcare and nutrition, particularly for underserved populations, leading to improved health outcomes and a more equitable system

Healthcare providers can partner Attane Health’s direct-to-door food delivery services to boost access to healthy food in underserved urban and rural areas. Initiatives like direct-to-home food delivery can aid patients, promoting better health and reducing diet-related diseases.

Integrating cultural relevance in personalized food choices respects diverse dietary preferences and traditions, fostering trust and cooperation for improved adherence and healthier outcomes in healthcare.

Integrating health coaching offers personalized guidance for nutrition issues. Coaches collaborate with medical professionals, addressing diet-related chronic diseases and equipping patients with knowledge and tools for informed food choices.

Attane Health emphasizes a patient-centered approach, empowering individuals through education, personalized interventions, and ongoing support. This collaboration between patients and healthcare providers enhances outcomes and satisfaction.nt

Led by a team with expertise across community health, food distribution, technology, and food insecure populations, Attane Health provides affordable, inclusive access to the foods and resources Medicaid members need to improve overall health.
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